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Employer Defense

Employment Law Defense Attorneys

Fletcher, Farley, Shipman & Salinas represents both private sector employers and governmental entities with their employment law matters, including responding to claims of unlawful employment practices and keeping former employees from walking out the door with company clients and assets. Our proven trial attorneys have substantial experience in conducting and coordinating employer defense in a comprehensive range of employment law disputes, including:

  • Discrimination claims
  • Sexual harassment actions
  • Wrongful termination and retaliation claims
  • Alleged violations of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and whistleblower protection laws
  • Wage and hour disputes

We also provide representation in the negotiation of high risk terminations and in taking legal action against any former employee who has violated a non-disclosure or non-compete clause.

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A Proactive and Consultative Approach to Employer Defense

Fletcher Farley attorneys can help minimize the risk of employment-related claims and civil actions in the future. We understand that the most efficient and cost-effective approach to employer defense is to conduct proper planning, preparation of employment policies and employment counseling to help Texas employers avoid employment law disputes.

Prudent investment in establishing well-crafted employment policies and practices regarding sexual harassment, discrimination, employee disciplinary procedures and termination will very likely limit your exposure to the legal risk and financial cost of employment-related lawsuits. We are also available to provide advice and counseling before and as employment decisions are being made. Fletcher Farley can assist employers in taking advantage of the opportunities for resolving these types of claims through the employer's disciplinary process or at the administrative complaint levels.

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The law firm of Fletcher, Farley, Shipman & Salinas, LLP, serves the legal needs of businesses and individual clients in Texas communities statewide, including Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Plano, Denton, Irving, Tyler, Longview, San Antonio, Houston, El Paso and Amarillo.