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Experienced Texas and Federal Appellate Counsel

We’ve heard all the excuses before. “I don’t want to educate another attorney on the case.” “No one knows my case better than the trial attorney.” “Appeals aren’t really that different from trial.” We also know they are wrong.

As the dockets in Texas appellate courts grow heavier each year, resources are being cut. Judges have little time to devote to their opinions and even less time to waste on rambling briefs and wandering arguments. As a result, excellent briefs and oral arguments are becoming ever more important, as the courts lean more heavily on the arguments of experienced appellate attorneys who know how to make their points succinctly, and with persuasive power.

That’s how the appellate attorneys at Fletcher Farley practice law. With clean, well-structured briefs and oral arguments honed sharp by years of experience. Together, we have more than 70 years of civil appellate law under our belts. Our appellate lawyers work with trial attorneys every day, and don’t suffer from the ivory tower mentality some trial attorneys have come to expect. Instead, we know that appellate success begins when the lawsuit is filed, and work with trial attorneys every step of the way.

Fletcher Farley's appellate attorneys are available to assist you and your clients with more than just brief writing, although we are pretty good at writing briefs. Whether you need assistance in formulating and arguing a complex motion or charge, preserving error at trial, post-trial motions, appeals, or appellate consulting, our attorneys can help.

  • Our appellate specialists bring a fresh and objective perspective.
  • Our appellate specialists know how to write effective appellate briefs.
  • Our appellate specialists know how to argue before appellate courts.
  • Our appellate specialists know how to avoid procedural landmines.
  • Our appellate specialists know what arguments work on appeal.
  • Hiring an appellate specialist improves chances on mediation.
  • Our Appellate specialists know how to evaluate appeals.
  • Our appellate specialists can cut the cost of litigation.

Contact our offices to confer with one of our experienced lawyers.

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The law firm of Fletcher, Farley, Shipman & Salinas, LLP, serves the legal needs of businesses and individual clients in Texas communities statewide, including Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Plano, Denton, Irving, Tyler, Longview, San Antonio, Houston, El Paso and Amarillo.