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National RapidResponse™ Team

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Industrial Accidents, Explosions, Transportation Wrecks, Building Collapse, Construction Accidents, Chemical Spills, Criminal Activity

For over a decade Fletcher, Farley, Shipman & Salinas has developed and maintained a unique RapidResponse™ Team to help our clients respond to catastrophic losses. Our firm maintains a 24/7 emergency center which can dispatch a legal forensic team to the scene of a catastrophic loss anywhere in the country. We have organized a nationwide network of legal and forensic investigation teams in order to ensure that our clients' interests are fully and promptly protected. Our clients who use this program receive a thorough investigation and evaluation of potential exposure within hours of a catastrophic occurrence. Over the years, by rapid deployment and investigation, our RapidResponse™ program has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation and settlement costs.

Our legal forensic team has handled catastrophes in the following industries: construction, transportation, manufacturing, chemical plants, third-party criminal activity on premises, Dram Shop liability matters and oil field accidents.

The firm's RapidResponse™ Team also controls complex investigations by state and federal agencies such as OSHA, NTSB and NHTSA. Our in-depth experience with these governmental investigative bodies has allowed us to officially represent our client's interests and achieve favorable results from various governmental investigations. In fact, our RapidResponse™ program has become so effective that on a few occasions the governmental investigators have adopted the findings of the Fletcher Farley RapidResponse™ Team!

Because catastrophes seldom occur at a convenient time, let Fletcher Farley's RapidResponse™ Team protect your company's interests.

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